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Spin Training Course

One of the least understood, infrequently practiced maneuvers are Spins. RAC will now be offering Spin Training in it’s newly refurbished Citabria.

RAC’s Spin Training Course will give you a in depth look at Stalls and Spins, the aerodynamic ground school to better understand these maneuvers and the ability to practice them with confidence.

Upon completion of RAC’s Spin Training Course you will receive a logbook endorsement, graduation certificate, WINGS credit, and some GoPro video footage to show your friends. Last but not least you will have newly acquired knowledge and skills that could save your life someday.

Download the RAC Spin Training Syllabus


Ruben Alconero is a 17,000 hour Boeing 737 Captain for the
worlds largest airline. A active flight instructor who holds a
CFI,CFII,MEI. He specializes in TAA aircraft, Tailwheel and
Aerobatic/Upset maneuver training. 585-747-0849





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