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Federal Aviation Regulation, FARs - Part 141

Rochester Air Center’s Flight School comes in two flavors, Part 61 and Part 141, which refer to the parts of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) under which we operate. The most common and least important distinction between them is the minimum flight time required for the private pilot certificate --40 hours under Part 61, and 35 hours under Part 141.

Considering that the national average for earning a private pilot certificate is 60-75 hours (how long you'll take will depend on your ability and flying frequency), this difference isn't important for initial pilot training. It does make a difference to commercial pilot applicants: Part 61 requires 250 hours, and Part 141 requires 190.

What differentiates the two is structure and accountability. Part 141 schools are audited by the FAA and must have detailed, FAA-approved course outlines and meet student pilot performance rates. Training under Part 61 rules doesn’t have the same structure and paperwork requirements. Learning under Part 61 rules can often give students the flexibility to rearrange flying lesson content and sequence to meet their needs, which can be of benefit to part-time students or pilots adding a rating to an existing pilot license.

Which type of flight school is best for you depend on your needs, available time, and other factors, such as veteran's benefit eligibility (only Part 141 schools can qualify for VA-reimbursed training). When it comes to the FAA checkride, which is the same for all, it doesn't matter if you trained under part 141 or 61, only how well you fly and your knowledge and understanding of aviation academic material.





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